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Dear Families,

Today our administration team was part of the weekly Clermont County Superintendent call. During the weekly calls an update is given from the Clermont County Department of Health and additional updates from local superintendents about courses of action and mitigations being taken to reduce risks. While the plan in place may not be perfect we are working with data from local officials and trying to make sure our plans are best for our district. There have been struggles with navigating the quarantine guidelines as well as identifications to students testing positive for COVID-19. 

Today our administrative team participated in a regularly scheduled, weekly call with the Clermont County Department of Health and other Clermont County School Districts.  The call is an opportunity for the Department of Health to provide updates to schools.  It is also a chance for school districts to discuss what they are doing to mitigate risks and keep students learning safely.  Our plans are ever changing based on our local data and the requirements of state and local health officials.  

As of today, we have no plans to transition to remote learning.  Our goal is for students to remain in the buildings as long as it is safe to do so.  There may come a time when it is no longer possible for students to learn safely in the building as the number of staff and students testing positive for COVID continue to climb.  Since the start of the year we have approximately 30 positive confirmed cases, and nearly 200 students currently quarantined.  There is no set threshold that determines when it is necessary to transition to remote learning.  One of the driving factors will be the ability to staff the district properly to ensure the overall safety of students.  

There are two factors that families should consider to help stop the increasing spread of COVID in our buildings, they are increasing the number of vaccinated students and increasing the number of students wearing masks.

We are now STRONGLY RECOMMENDING ALL STUDENTS WEAR MASKS DURING THIS TIME. We need to all work together to decrease the number of students who have to quarantine and ultimately test positive for COVID. 

Masks are still REQUIRED on school transportation. WE will increase the number of masks we have available at each building to help accommodate families supporting the option to have students wear masks.

We are committed to improving our communication with families regarding the impact of COVID-19 on the district.  We will provide weekly updates each Friday to our families via email and our website.  There may be a point this school year when we are forced to transition to remote learning.  We will do our best to provide as much advance notice to families as possible but circumstances may limit our ability to do so.  We ask that you continue to support our ability to learn in-person by encouraging your students to wear masks to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Below are the processes and expectations each building is taking when identifying and quarantining students within the district. 

Stay safe,

Mike Brandt

General Quarantine Procedures

The District will follow the procedures outlined by the Ohio Department of Health and the Clermont County Department of Health.  Students who are identified as close contacts will be required to quarantine for 10 days.  The quarantine can be reduced to 7 days if a student receives a negative COVID test result.  The test must be administered on day 5 or later of the quarantine period.  Families are required to submit a copy of the negative test results to the building principal.  It is important to note that students, identified as close contacts, who were vaccinated or properly wearing masks at the time of exposure are not required to quarantine.  

CNE ES - If a student is identified with COVID and quarantined, they will be provided with work that is connected to standards being taught by teachers during the current quarter. The work provided will be a combination of current class work, review and/or practice and the goal is to provide materials that students can complete independently. If at all possible, parents can pick up work if they are also picking up their child. In other situations, parents will be asked to pick up work for their quarantined student at a later time. Parents can reach out directly to teachers with questions or call the office.

CNE MS - If a student is identified with COVID and or quarantined, that student can log on to their core classes through google classroom.  Our teachers update their google classrooms daily.  Students can also post their assignments so they do not fall behind and teachers can give them feedback on their assignments.  If parents or students have questions, please email your teachers or call our office.    

CNE HS - If a student is quarantined due to contracting COVID or being exposed to someone with COVID, the quarantined student can access their classwork through Google Classroom.  High School teachers will update their Google Classroom pages at least daily.  Students can submit completed assignments through Google Classroom and receive feedback from their teachers.  Students and families can email teachers with specific questions.  Anyone that is having issues accessing or keeping up on assignments can contact Mr. Houp or Mr. Glassmeyer.




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Quarantine Help


Dear Northeastern Families,

Clermont Northeastern Schools is committed to keeping our students safe while maintaining quality in-person instruction. The Ohio Department of Health has changed from mandates to recommendations. Additionally, last spring the Clermont Northeastern School Board voted to make masks optional moving forward. We have  utilized The State of Ohio’s guidance document for K-12 schools to develop strategies and procedures to help mitigate risks. To view the document click HERE. It is optional to wear masks while in school; this applies for both students and adults. 

Clermont Northeastern Schools understands that the vaccination status of an individual is a personal and family decision. Students 12 and up are encouraged to get vaccinated and/or wear masks throughout the day. Clermont Northeastern Schools will be working closely with the Clermont County Educational Service Center and the Clermont County Health District as the school year progresses. Student quarantine timelines will be influenced by vaccination status, social distancing, and if individuals in close proximity were masked or unmasked. These guidelines may change, and we will update this information as needed. Any future mandates will be communicated in a timely manner and will be adjusted accordingly.

We will continue to implement many strategies which were in place last school year such as limiting visitors to the building to essential personnel only, social distancing, traffic patterns in hallways, changes in lunch routines, and restroom access. Students are encouraged to bring water bottles from home, and to use at the filling stations located in each building. We will encourage good hand hygiene throughout the day. We will also ask that families use a daily self-check at home before coming to school each day. Clermont Northeastern will continue to utilize frequent disinfection of common surfaces, as well as the antimicrobial treatment GermStop. The district has also taken additional measures, including the installation of the needlepoint bipolar ionization of our HVAC Systems.

The guidelines for the Clermont Northeastern Schools as of August 6, 2021, are as follows: 


  1. Masks for all students and staff members are optional but recommended.

  2. Masks on buses are required per CDC.

  3. At no time will proof of COVID-19 vaccination status be required by a student or staff member unless mandated under federal, state, or local law.

  4. Contact tracing and quarantining will be conducted using the most recent guidelines.

  5. All after-school venues and events will be held at 100% capacity, with masks optional but recommended.

  6. We will be limiting visitors during school hours to essential personnel only.



Take Care 

Michael Brandt