Attention all families

Families of currently enrolled CNE student(s),

We need your help! It is important to regularly check and update any information regarding your student(s). This information must be accurate in order to meet the unique needs of every student. The district relies on accurate information in times of crisis, and the following information needs updated and verified annually or anytime a change occurs:

  • Phone Number(s)

  • Address

  • Emergency Contact Information (name/phone number)

  • Custody Information

  • Changes in Health (allergies/medications/diagnosis, etc.)

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Change of Address

You will be required to contact the Central Registrar with any "change of address" during the school year. Proof of residency documentation must be presented before student records and/or transportation procedures can be adjusted to reflect the change.

We accept a lease agreement, deed, title or settlement statement. Any questions, please contact Joyce Keough (513)625-1211 ext 371 

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